Diamonds Dollars & Roses
Women's Prison Book Donations
Launched March 2021

When I first set out to write, Diamonds Dollars & Roses, I was determined to make the book available to all readers, including those incarcerated.

After publishing the book in September of 2020, I immediately started working on a plan to distribute books to Purdy, Women's Prison (WCCW). My first few attempts to donate books ended in unresponsiveness from national charity organizations that claimed to facilitate book donations. Then I tried donating books directly, which ended in multiple rejections from prison officials because I was not on the approved book distributor list.

Books to be distributed into prison facilities must meet a long list of stipulations before they are allowed. Books mailed have been used to transport drugs, conceal contraband, send hidden messages, and used to launder money. The Department of Corrections also does not allow certain types of book formats, nor do they allow specific content shared with the inmates (i.e. erotica, stories containing prision escape details, and more).

The task to donate books was challenging. But after a few months of sending letters and making several phone calls to prison officials, J. A. Huguley Publishing & Literary Services was able to successfully distribute books to the Washington Correctional Center for Women, and this program was established!

Today, many incarcerated ladies have had the opportunity to read Diamonds Dollars & Roses, and other books donated through this new non-profit program.

Feedback from readers at WCCW (Washington Correctional Center for Women, Gig Harbor Washington)

"I finished the book in one day it was amazing, I cant wait to read the sequel. I passed it off to my friend who is also enjoying it. I couldn't put it down, it all flowed so smoothly, I laughed when I saw you used purdy lol."
WCCW resident - 3/12/2021
"I receive your book yesterday I actually read and finished it the same day. I liked it alot and I can't wait for part two. I have passed it on for someone else to read. Thank you so much for sharing it with me I would love to read more from you."
WCCW resident - 3/13/2021 
"I finished my book and it was all that! Good job John, thank you for sharing that with me. I passed it around the unit, and everyone who's read it Love's it!"
WCCW resident - 3/15/2021 
"So u put purdy in ur book. I love it. that made me smile. ur book was good and I can't wait for number two! I'm all over it! This is literally the best urban book I've ever read hands down! so real! so legit real life experiences. I'm impressed john U DID THAT!:-) I'll be passing it on. There's a lot of girls putting in dibs. lol"
WCCW resident - 3/16/2021 
"I'm loving the book so far (I'm trying not to binge-read, lol) and I'm hoping you've got another one in the works, I've got people asking me about it already :-)"
WCCW resident - 3/17/2021 
"Just got the two books last night in my mail, THANK YOU so much, I'm looking forward to reading!"
WCCW resident - 3/17/2021 
" I have a hard time sleeping and your book helps me... so thank you and I am looking forward to the second series." 
WCCW resident - 4/8/2021 
"I read your book straight until I was done. I started Saturday evening and finished by midnight, I already passed it on... I liked the Purdy twist and it was a page turner. When the sequel comes out I would love to read it also. The book kept me anxious to see what came next. Unpredictable and exciting..."
WCCW resident - 4/8/2021 
"I love that book. Its been a hit from the start of reading it. I'm almost finished with it. Thank you for the book. If you can send more like it I would appreciate it!!!"
WCCW resident - 4/10/2021
If you would like a new paperback book donated to an inmate on your behalf I can help. I also ship books to other facilities. Contact me today for details.

John A. Huguley
(425) 624-5368