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    • Published Tech Writer Since 2000
    • Published Freelance Writer Since 2006
    • Editor & Book Publisher Since 2016
    • Published Book Author Since 2019
    • Published Print Journalist Since 2019
    • Non-Profit Book Donation Program Founder - 2021
    • #1 New Amazon Book Release in "Writing Skills" - 2023
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Writing Background
  • WriterAdvertisements, Online Crticles, Contracts, & Company Newsletters
  • Published Ghostwriter: (web content, tech articles, and journalism)
  • Technical Writer: (tech documents & instruction manuals)
  • Product Reviewer: 2,700+ Amazon helpful votes and 50,000+ views
  • Blogger & Social Media Specialist: Blogger, WordPressFacebook, Twitter, & IG
  • Over 25-years of Experience: Business Writing, Editing, & Website Support
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  • Member of The Authors Guild - Nations Oldest & Largest Pro Writers Association
  • Member of the Society of Professional Journalists

    International Hit Book
    The Ragdoll and The Marine
    by Nicole A. Calvo
    Produced by John A. Huguley

    A few other client projects
    worked on by John A. Huguley


    And Several More... 

    Notable Top Clients...

    International Hit Author
    Nicole A. Calvo

    Author & Musician

    Award-Winning Author


    Author & Artist
    Charron M. Mollette

    “Pen and Paper” Author, Charron M. Mollette, shares a photographic biography of her family with poetic whimsy, with her second book, “Granny’s Camera”. Inspired by her loving great-grandmother, Stella Louise Pettus and the memories of her daughter Jerrelle Ann, she brings to light the importance of family. She tells a story through her great-grandmother’s photographs and pursues her purpose by Living her Truth.

    Lizzie Lou's Comfort Food

    C h r i s  C r i n g o