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"I'm happy to say I'm a client of John A. Huguley's Freelance Editing Services. As a client, I found diamonds and pearls in his assistance. He offers the benefits of editing and story development. His web experience comes from years of working with high-end internet companies. A knowledgeable, multidimensional, analyst, is what you receive when working with him. 
  1. He reviews the vision of each project, before, during and after to help deliver the best outcome to the public.
  2. He creates an educational process by expanding visual concepts and words in ways that will communicate the client's vision. 
  3. He asks critical questions to make sure whatever project he's working on goes in the direction the client desires. Then he takes it further by offering expanded concepts and possibilities. He asks questions that a client may not think is essential, which tells of his expertise.

I highly recommend John A. Huguley's Freelance Editing Services to anyone wanting to expand and grow. His attention to detail highlights his professionalism. He is a wealth of knowledge, and his keen business sense flows into a client's work. His work makes for the perfect compliment for any writer in need of a valuable resource to help bring your project to a level the public will notice."

Review date July 17th, 2019

Alvin L. A. Horn is an Award-winning novelist, poet, and spoken word artist.
He is a 2012 National Billboard Award winner

Author of the following Novels; 
  • HEART & HOME (latest release)

Freelance Copy Editor

“I met Mr. Huguley [in 2018] via social media in search of an editor for my publishing company. After our initial phone conversation, I was impressed by his insight and thoroughness as it pertains to editing language, process’ and procedures of the rules of grammar. We began working together, and he’s been nothing but professional in conversation and work ethic. John has been meticulous during the editing process of our manuscript projects, which makes for a great editor! Thank you, John, for your hard work and professionalism while working with Life Chronicles Publishing!"

- Sharon Blake,
Life Chronicles Publishing, LLC

Review date March 22nd, 2019

Executive Editor

“The Art of Writing can be a lonely, exhausting, and [sometimes] depressing process, especially if you’re attempting to write, much less publish your first novel. In addition, there aren’t enough tools or resources available to aspiring writers of which may influence, encourage, and inspire them during an arduous work/writing-in-progress. Luckily for me, J. A. Huguley not only became my editor, but he took on the roles of a writing coach, confidante, and advisor; as well as my graphic designer and business partner from the start to the finish of my first book - "The Ragdoll and the Marine". [Published November 24th, 2017]

John's attention to detail, professionalism, a wealth of knowledge and keen business sense all makes for the Perfect Compliment for any writer who needs an invaluable resource that helps you get your book written and published!”

- Nicole A. Calvo
Review date March 24th, 2019

Author of the International Hit Book, 


"Great editor n writer!! Nothing but professionalism and accuracy."

Author April Craft Mba
Review date April 5th, 2020

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Freelance Journalist

Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

"Great Job on the Article!"

Dennis Beaver, Editor in Chief,

February 26th, 2019

Author of Fictional Short Stories

"When I first looked at the book cover depicting a man in a sand hourglass, I thought the title “17 Years”, might mean someone is telling a story from jail, or is otherwise trapped in some way relating to time. I think in a way, it was.

The story is told in first person by Bobby, who we meet when he is waking up from a coma. Initially most of his feelings and questions are in his head and we walk with him through his mental journey of trying to figure things out, as he learns he’s been in a coma for 17 years. We later meet his Transition Expert and her job is to help him navigate learning and experiencing life and the world after 17 years. The two of them become close as she helps and encourages him along the way to wellness.

What kept me engaged in this short story is the vivid storytelling by the author. It was very easy for me to imagine Bobby, the Transition Expert, the hospital room, etc. The emotions Bobby experienced are also described in such detail that you forget he’s a fictional character - you think you know this guy.

I thought I knew how the story was probably going to end, but then there was a plot twist and I found myself thinking “wait…WHAT?” For me personally, that means I’ve just read a great story. I’m looking forward to the next piece by John Huguley.

~ Amazon Customer

Review date February 5th, 2019