Photo Editing Tips

Duplicating Adjustments:

Have you ever made adjustments to a photo; i.e. brightness, color, contrast, or vignette, and wished you could apply those same changes to multiple images at once?

Depending on the photo editing software there may be an option called "Copy Adjustments" or "Copy Recipe". This feature is common among the photography industry and is available in most mainstream photo editing applications; i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Apple Photos, Canon Digital Photo Professional, Nikon Capture, and many others.

It's easy to take advantage of this feature. First edit the photo to be used as your template. When you have the photo the way you want it, simply choose the option to "Copy Adjustments" or "Copy Recipe". This option is usually found under the [Image] or [Adjustments] drop down menu, but may be in other places depending on the application you're using.

Once you have copied the desired edits, open the unadjusted photo and simply "Paste Adjustments" or "Paste Recipe"

Now you'll see all of the image settings from the template photo are now applied to the target photo. Some applications will also let you paste the adjustments into multiple target images at once. Note: image cropping and resizing settings do not carry over to the target image.

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- John A. Huguley

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