Mac Virtual Keyboard

A friend of mine has an older MacBook Air with a damaged keyboard. The 'I', 'O', and 'P' keys stopped working. The friend only uses the laptop for browsing the net. But with the 'P' and 'O' keys not functioning, the laptop is useless to them. Rather than take it to a shop to try to have repaired, I remembered a feature in Windows that allowed you to use a "Virtual" onscreen keyboard. I figured if Windows has this feature, Mac OS must have it as well. I searched and Mac does! It's easy to enable. SEE BELOW.

First go into "System Preferences..." by clicking the Apple icon in the top left hand corner of your screen.

Next, click on "Keyboard" to bring up additional options for keyboard preferences.

Now select, "Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar."

Next find the keyboard and emoji viewer icon at the top right hand side of your computer screen, next to the time & date. 

Click "Show Keyboard Viewer."

You now have a "Virtual Keyboard" that functions just like a physical keyboard, including the "F-Keys" at the top.

The Virtual Keyboard will float on top of all other applications until you close it.

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